Why Go Straw-Free?

  • Plastic Straws are generally used one time, then thrown away. Yet they are designed to last for decades!
  • Single-use plastic straws are not recyclable in most places.
  • Plastic comes from fossil fuels, an unsustainable resource.
  • When they end up in our marine environment, they break up into smaller pieces and eventually become micro-plastics. At any time, this plastic litter can become an ingestion danger for marine animals.
  • It’s not just plastic straws that we have to consider, all single-use plastics are a threat to our beaches, waterways and wildlife.

What can you do?

  • Take the Keep It Beachy Clean pledge to Go Straw-Free!
  • There are many reusable alternatives to single-use plastic straws, including glass, metal, bamboo and silicone. Find the reusable straw that is right for you and remember to take it with you!
  • Many restaurants have a “Straws on Request” policy and/or are using a paper straw alternative.
  • If you don’t need a straw, be sure to let your server know: “No Straw Please!”
  • Encourage your favorite restaurant to switch to Straws on Request!